What is Included With Registration?

  • Entry into the event for the entire weekend. Passengers/Riders in Jeeps pay $5 admission fee for whole weekend
  • Unlimited Obstacle Course Access
  • Official Broadway Welcome Party
  • RipTydz/Beach House Happy Hour
  • Swag Bag valued over $50, including free t-shirt!

Where Can I Park My Trailer?

  • There will be limited trailer parking available.
  • Please email marketing@nativesons.com if trailer parking is needed.

If I Received My Pre-Registration in the Mail Do I Need to Check In?

  • Nope! You can drive straight in! Simply place your access sticker on your Jeep, put on your wristband and skip all the check in, admission, and registration lines!
  • *Only applys to participants who registered before 4/1/18*

Can I Register at the Event?

  • Yes! Day of registration will be available at the event site on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. And also at the Friday Kick Off party at Broadway at the Beach.
  • Day of registration will cost $100.

Can I Bring a Bike, Skateboard, Golf Cart, or Other Vehicle?

  • No. The only vehicles that will be allowed inside the event are registered Jeeps.
  • Spectator parking will be available on site.
  • Handicap scooters allowed.

Is the Event Open to Public?

  • YES! We welcome all spectators, 4WD enthusiasts, and families.
  • On-site parking is available for the public

What Is Required to drive on the Obstacle Course?

  • Driver must have valid license and insurance.
  • Jeep must be in good working order; No fluid leaks, working brakes, etc.
  • Seat belts must be worn at all times.
  • All instructions must be followed.
  • Event staff reserves right to deny unsafe vehicles and remove unsafe drivers.

Can I Bring a Non-Jeep Vehicle?

  • Non Jeep vehicles can be parked in daily event parking.
  • However, they are not allowed to be registered into the show or on the course.

Is Alcohol Allowed at the Event?

  • No Outside alcohol allowed
  • Alcohol will be served in Beer Garden, must be 21 to purchase.
  • Sober drivers only on obstacle course.
  • No alcohol allowed outside of admission area.

What if I Just Want to Be a Passenger on the Obstacle Course?

  • No extra fee, passengers will have to have daily admission wristband or registration wristband.
  • All occupants and riders on course must sign LIABILITY WAIVER
  • no alcohol allowed on course
  • sober drivers only!

Are Pets Allowed?

  • Yes! People friendly pets are allowed.
  • Owner is responsible for clean-up.
  • Must be on a leash and controlled at all times.
  • No pets allowed on obstacle course.
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1519 Executive Ave, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

APRIL 5th - 7th, 2019
#JamOn @NativeSons